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Watch the Boat Race and Meet the Mistress

Saturday 26th March 2011

Well, the Boat Race might have been rather a disaster for the Cambridge supporters gathered together in the auditorium of Oxford High School to watch the build-up and actual race on a big screen.  But as we recovered from the disappointment we were delighted to welcome Professor Susan J Smith, Mistress of Girton, to speak to us.  


A group of about 60 were present - about half being members of ORG and their guests, with the other half being Old Girtonians and guests who had responded to the open invitation to the event.  The Mistress, introduced by Juliet Campbell, past Mistress of Girton, and now a member of the ORG Committee. spoke on Girton: First Encounters and Future Prospects.  Some of her reflections certainly struck a chord with  Juliet.  It was also good to hear that Girton was continuing to plan positively for future growth of the College, whilst working hard to balance the books in the current economic climate.  


Following the talk and a number of follow-up questions we drowned our Boat Race sorrows with sparkling wine and refreshments - and a lot more chatter!