Oxford Region Girtonians


Past Events

Our 2019 Spring Meeting was held on Saturday 9th March at Oxford High School. We had a fascinating talk from Jennie Turner on the Oxford Botanic Gardens.  Jennie then gave us a guided tour of the garden on the afternoon of Tuesday 25th June.

On Thursday 5th September ORG held a Special General Meeting at 3 Belbroughton Road, Oxford. At this, it was agreed that the formal ORG Association would be wound up, so no further meeings and outings would be arranged.  The Committee had relunctantly come to the conclusion that this was the best way forward, given the reducing number of members able to attend events and the lack of any "new blood" on the Committee.

Attendees at the meeting agreed and so the Association is being wound up.

All remaining funds will be donated to Girton's Great Campaign, specifically towards the funding of the Juliet Campbell Fellowship in International Affairs.  Juliet has been unofficial Chair and chief pub expert for ORG for a number of years, so this seemed very appropriate.


The meeting was followed by a delightful farewell lunch, enjoyed by all,


But that doesn't mean we will stop being in touch.  Those of us who have agreed to keep sharing contact details may occasionally email or phone others for a suggested meet-up for coffee, lunch etc.